Prandina Paraph T3 Table Lamp

The table lamp Prandina Paragraph T3 has a bow from mat black aluminium and a flexible head in which are logded a PMMA lense and the LEDs. Switch/dimmer located on the cable.
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Product details

Prandina Paragraph T3 is a simple table lamp for direct light. Its is characterised by a slender filigree shape from solid aluminium, the use of energy efficient LEDs and a flexible head. These specific features turn the Prandina Paragraph into an ideal task-light for all those who are looking for an original, yet unobtrusive lighting solution.

The Paragraph light-fixture by Prandina has a mat black bent aluminium structure.There are LEDs and a PMMA lense that prevents the light from glaring in its flexible head. The table lamp has an electronical ballast and is available equipped with a switch or with a dimmer.


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