Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures – Enhance house and garden at night

Design outdoor lighting fixtures (commonly outdoor lights) are the calling card of a house. Whether as a modern exterior lighting in the garden, as expressive LED outdoor lights along an official building or ensuring increased security thanks to an outdoor lighting fixture with motion sensor - with the aid of the right light you create a welcoming atmosphere for yourself and for your guests and, at the same time, it serves as burglar deterrent. There are many options: orientation on the paths up to the house entry, light accents in the flowerbeds and pond or on the structure along the house fassade, from stainless steel or synthetic material. Yet, not only the outdoor lighting of the house is the realm of the modern design outdoor light fixtures. Thanks to their high IP protection index, they are also suitable for wet rooms in the house such as the bathroom or the cellar. Beside their appealing appearance, design lights for outside have to be above all weatherproof and shock-resistant. At NOSTRAFORMA, you will find a large range of outdoor lighting fixtures with or without LED for the house and the appartment, which combines atmospheric light and function:

  • Design outdoor lighting fixtures: A decorative design light for outside sets appealing light accents
  • Outdoor lights with LED: Efficient LED outdoor illumination is synonymous of energy saving and needs few maintenance
  • Bollard lamps: Outdoor floor lamps brighten the paths and serve for orientation
  • LED spot lights outside: Trees and bushes are ideally illuminated with an outdoor light fixture on a spike
  • Pond lights : Swimming design outdoor lights create an atmospheric illumination
  • Solar outdoor light fixtures: Cable-free and especially environment-friendly the solar-driven light fixtures illuminate the garden
  • Suspension lights: Light fixtures for outside to be suspended create a living room atmosphere on the terrace
  • Ceiling and wall lamps: More style and security wherever you go are ensured by design outdoor light fixtures for the wall, the ceiling or recessed lights
  • Oudoor lights with motion sensors: Security lights (with or without LED lamps) deter burglars and offer a comfortable lighting in the obscurity (Recommandation: Sensor outdoor light with twilight switch)

High-quality outside illumination for gardens, balconies and house entries

With outdoor design lights, the illumination of outside areas turns into an authentic eyecatcher, yet protection and security are not left aside. NOSTRAFORMA offers a large range of light fixtures for a perfect outdoor illumination. Today, not only a functional illumination for the house is looked after, but aesthetic requirements also have to be met - for the outdoor lights as well as for the outside areas to be illuminated. An outdoor light fixture sets light points, creates atmosphere and contributes to well-being in your home. At the moment, modern outdoor light fixtures from stainless steel but also design light fixtures for outside (also called outdoor lights) lacquered in black, white or anthracite are most popular. Beside the material they are made of, the embedded technology also plays a decisive role. A house illumination with LED may often be expensive, in the long term it is worth it because of the efficiency and especially because of the maintenance kept to a minimum. You could find the perfect LED outdoor light fixture under LED Aussenleuchten. Everybody will agree that a house needs an outdoor illumination. A house entry or a drive way without light would be dangerous and a summer feast would not be immaginable without outdoor lights in the garden. Also appartments with a balcony have many possibilities to extend their living room outside with the aid of light fixtures and lamps. Especially a modern design outdoor light can set fantastic light effects and turn your balcony into a pleasant room, where to withdraw. For you, we have made a list of the many ways how to use an outdoor light fixture:

  • Lights for balconies: Pure joy with lanterns, table and wall lamps or a modern outdoor floor lamp with a socket for outside
  • Terrace: A living room under the sky thanks to original outdoor light fixtures with or without LED lamp
  • Outdoor light fixtures for the garden: A fantastic atmosphere with light fixtures for the garden, flower bed and pond, to enhance the architecture of the garden
  • Paths: Illumination along the path with recessed light into the soil or light fixtures or lamps for outside strewn along the way
  • Entry: Individuality and reinforced security thanks to an outdoor light fixture, or outdoor light, with motion sensor and twilight switch
  • Drive way and garage: Easy orientation and sure drive with intelligently placed lights for outdoor
  • Illumination of the house with LED: Appealing and energy efficient illumination of the fassade

What you should look for when choosing a design light for outdoor: efficiency and protection index

Let your style also shine outside! The right illumination for outside creates an appealing atmosphere, enhances the architecture of the garden and increases the security. It also implies a high energy consumption during the night. That is why energy efficiency is important. A LED light or solar outdoor light is the solution. Especially outdoor light fixtures with LED have many advantages. They have a lower energy consumption and moreover, a long life span and need few maintenance. The main criteria for both light fixtures and lamps for outside is however the IP protection index. There is a difference between lights for outside to be permanently installed under shelter or in the open air. A light with IP65 needs a sheltered position, whereas a light fixture with IP67 or IP68 is also protected in the open air, depending on the environmental influences. Be careful with IP44. Many light fixtures are meant suitable for outside areas, yet only have an IP44 protection, which only protects against sprinkled water. Such design lights should only be implemented in very well protected areas or in bathrooms with the exception of the direct shower and bath areas.

Are you looking for the convenient outdoor light fixture? At NOSTRAFORMA, we have a large range of them. All you have to do is browse in our outdoor lights shop with many versions of design lights or contact us for advice. Our skilled team with be happy to support you!