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Northern: design lights and furniture made in Norway

The Norwegian furniture brand Northern manufactures design products in a very modern Scandinavian style, combining tradition and creativity. Thanks to its light fixtures, furniture and accessories, Northern has achieved international success and is especially appealing to aficionados of clear, exciting shapes made of natural materials.


What caracterises the Northern style?
Northern's history
The most popular Northern lights
Classical lights by Birger Dahl
Northern Lighting Design Award
Lights by Northern – now available at Nostraforma!

What characterises the Northern style?

There is one thing that is expected from Northern's products: that they create an atmosphere. They are highly unique, and what inspired them is often obvious at first sight and brings smiles on people's faces. Northern combines innovation with traditional Scandinavian style. The most frequently used materials are glass, wood, metal and ceramics, but synthetic material is sometimes used when its specific properties are of advantage. Natural materials prevail and provide a feeling of warmth with appealing details while enhancing Scandinavian environmental-friendliness and Northern's interest in sustainability.

Lighting is at the heart of Scandinavian design: the lights accomplish more than just diffusing a bright light because they are also sources of comfort, cosiness and warmth in the home. With lighting objects emitting a soft light, adjustable reading lights or welcoming light oases, Northern's portfolio offers original and functional lighting solutions for every occasion.

Northern collaborates with young Scandinavian designers and also produces designer classics by famous Scandinavians.

Northern's history

The company was founded in 2005 under the name Northern Lighting and first specialized in high-end Scandinavian design lights. in 2018, it changed its name to "Northern", omitting "Lighting" to better illustrate the company's enlarged portfolio. Northern still develops light fixtures, but also furniture and small accessories in its famous Northern style.

The most popular Northern lights

  • Oslo Wood: the original floor lamp resting on a tripod with a diffuser featuring a dynamic oblique shape is meant to reproduce the evening light found in the forests around Oslo.

  • Northern Bell: The archetypal china shade produces an impression of intimacy and elegance. This pretty suspension is at home in comfortable kitchens in youthful style, dining rooms and cafes.

  • Northern Moo: The wall lamp with a moose head is a funny homage to Norwegian fauna. This reproduction of a hunter's trophy with accurate details is made of white synthetic material. The moose head serves as a diffuser.

The classical lights by Birger Dahl

Under the name Dokka, Birdy and Dahl, Northern offers a series of designer classics from the 1950s by the Norwegian designer Birger Dahl (1916-1998). The suspension Dokka was the very first Norwegian light to receive a gold medal at the Triennale di Milano, a major breakthrough in Norwegian design. This light fixture is as beautiful today as on the day of its creation 60 years ago.

Northern Lighting Design Award

Northern Lighting has organised several design competitions to give talented young designers the opportunity to enrich the Northern portfolio with their original creations. Among the winners are Mads Sætter-Lassen with his multifonctions table light Buddy and Hannakaisa Pekkala with his famous suspension Circle.

Light fixtures by Northern – now available at Nostraforma!

Nostraforma offers a large range of products from the most internationally famous furniture and light manufacturers. The complete Northern product line is offered in the Nostraforma online shop. These products range from iconic pieces from the past to the most recent products endowed with the potential to become tomorrow's designer classics. By buying a Northern light, you welcome Scandinavian cosiness and style into your home!