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Nimbus Modul Q 144 ceiling lamp

The square ceiling lamp Modul Q 144 by Nimbus is available for direct mounting on suspended ceilings and junction boxes, or in a recessed version. Without converter.
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Product details

The ceiling lamp Nimbus Modul Q 144 is made of a matt acrylic glass panel, on which 12x12 dimples are precisely positioned creating an even lighting without glare. The light distribution of the Modul Q 144 lamp is mainly downlighting and wide beaming. At the same time the ceiling and wall is evenly brightened up. The light intensity can be controlled by dint of special dimmer units 24V.

Information on installation:
Nimbus Modul Q 144 ceiling lamp features a mounting plate, with which the version for direct mounting can be installed easily and direct on suspended ceilings and standard ceiling junction boxes. Alternatively Modul Q 144 by Nimbus is available in a version for cavity mounting. Please note, that in any case a converter is required. It is not included in delivery and has to be purchased separately. It can be integrated in a suspended ceiling for example.


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