Muuto Pull Lamp floor lamp

The floor lamp Muuto Pull Lamp combines a simple wooden structure with a classical fabric lampshade - but in an unexpected manner. Dimmable reading light.
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Product details

The reading light Pull Lamp by Muuto makes effective use of a simple idea: The shade does not sit atop the lamp rod, but hangs down its side, held up by the fabric-covered cable, which thereby becomes the decisive visual and functional detail of the design. By gently pulling on the cable, the lampshade can be adjusted in height. Additional flexibility is gained thanks to the dimmer switch on the cable between lamp and power socket. Light intensity, direction and even the shape of the lamp can be changed and adjusted in a playful way.

The oak wood lamp structure is made by hand, just like the classically shaped lampshade in white fabric, which gives off direct and diffuse light. The fabric-covered cable is black, in contrast to the light colours of the rest of the lamp.

With its design of Pull Lamp, the studio Whatswhat won the Muuto Talents Award in 2010. By deconstructing the standard composition of a reading lamp, Pull Lamp feels both familiar and intrigueingly different. The choice of colours and materials conveys a sense of calm and a closeness to nature that fits perfectly with cosy living rooms or bedrooms. Perfect for modern interiors, the lamp shines with intuitive functionality, typical Skandinavian simplicity and a sense of harmony, subtle and yet unexpected and original.

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