Lumina Galileo Mini Pendant Light

Small suspension Galileo T with diffuser from optical transparent glass can be made suitable for tracks or intermediate ceilings.
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The small suspension lamp Galileo Mini T by Lumina is based on the principle of light refraction in order to find a new way of bringing light to objects. Light patterns have been studied as in a scientific tool and the result is an object whose form is beyond all aesthetic criteria since it is generated by a mathematical computation; an object like no other object but still maintaining the Lumina style. No lamp was ever built this way: high thickness ultra transparent crystal layers bound with special resins and made into a concave lens which contains, reflects and transmits light thanks to special optical technologies. Once it is turned on, Galileo is magic: it seems to dissolve in its own light. Light rays penetrate the crystal, vanish from direct sight and come down to light objects without disturbing or dazzling, without shields or opacity, leaving the room in a relaxing half-light. The light follows its own path and Galileo transparent body becomes a light sphere, an energy bubble. The lamp is delivered together with a small 22 mm wide decentralizing rosace in order that the lamp can be also mounted, if the current source is not exactly located there, where you would like to suspend the lamp. The lamp is delivered complete with a transformator. On request for particular cases the lamp can be offered without incorporated transformator. Moreover a version without canopy is available that can be fixed directly in suspended or intermediate ceilings and even on adapters for tracks. The lamp features a nickel brushed canopy. The optical glass lens support is made up of die-cast aluminium.


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