Luceplan Lights & Lamps


Luceplan light fixtures combine an original design, an innovative manufacturing process and environmental protection. The result are stylish design lamps which are pioneers in terms of light quality and sustainability and count among the most exclusive Italian design light fixtures. The Italian manufacturer Luceplan was founded in 1978 by the architects Paolo Rizzatto, Ricardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi. They gained their initial experience in lighting technology from a collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, the founder of Arteluce. It was particularly in the 1940s that Arteluce lamps were known as "lamps of the modern era". The three visionaries from Luceplan set themselves the task of creating indoor and outdoor design lamps, which would on the one hand enhance the interior space with an appealing design and high-quality light, and on the other hand would be manufactured in a sustainable and energy-efficient way. In order to fulfill these intents, each Luceplan lamp is made of premium materials, applying the most professional manufacturing process. Their success speaks for itself: Luceplan lamps are internationally famous and very sought-after amongst design afficionados. Various design awards such as the Compasso d'Oro or the red dot award pay tribute to Luceplan's design lamps and underpin the success of the well-established Italian company. In 2006, Luceplan flanked its decorative collection with the brand Elementi di Luceplan, to create a specialized division dedicated to architecture lighting. Since 2010, Luceplan is an independant brand of Philips.

A designer lamp by the Italian manufacturer Luceplan convinces with a modern style and minimalist aesthetics. If it seems pared-down at first glance, its perfectionism quickly becomes apparent, i.e. its meticulous attention to the designs smallest details. Collaborating with leading designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Alfredo Häberli, Diego Rossi and above all Alberto Meda, Luceplan always bridged the gap between technical innovation, timeless design and enhancing the quality of life. Who hasn't heard of the ubiquitous lamp collection Costanza or Costanzina, which enthralls with its archetypical, yet innovative design. Or the award-winning Luceplan Modell D7, a table lamp that can be affixed to the ceiling. Or the Luceplan On Off table lamp, which is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The pendant lamp Luceplan Hope designed by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz is a world-famous lamp, which was awarded the red dot award and the Good Design award. In 2011, the Luce plan Hope received the Compasso d'Oro. The table lamps Luceplan Miranda and Luceplan Mirandolina by Paolo Rizzatto have both been honoured in 2007 with the Good Design Award. The pendant lamp Luceplan Plissé by Inga Sempè can be extended like an accordion up to one meter and was awarded the design prize Design Plus 08 in 2008. The wall lamp Luceplan Metropoli by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz was awarded the Compasso d'Oro in 1994, the Luceplan floor lamp Lola by the successful tandem of designers received this high award in 1989 and the floor lamps Luceplan Berenice Terra by the same designers got the Compasso d'Oro in 1987. The Luceplan LED lights like the Counterbalance floor lamp and wall lamps or the Compendium floor or suspension lamps stand for the whole concept of durability by Luceplan and epitomise his philosophy of quality and efficiency.

Since the foundation of the company, Sarfatti, Rizzatto and Severi have been steadily working on the development of lighting technology, lamps and LED lamps. In 1984, the engineer Alberto Meda joined Luceplan to support the area of lighting technology to optimise the connection between aesthetics and technology. It is since then that very often he and Paolo Rizzatto have been a sure guarantee for unparalleled design made by Luceplan. This uniqueness originates in the Luceplan philosophy. Luceplan design lamps are more than just a decorative interior design statement. Each Luceplan lamp and is made for long-term use and is therefore not only aesthetically very appealing but also technologically impeccable. A timeless product with a long life-span is not only above and beyond fading temporary trends, but also protects the environment. Environmental protection is one of Luceplan's foremost priorities and is guaranted through the use of eco-friendly materials, renewable energies and gentle production processes. Luceplan's suspensions, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are the right choice, whether you live in a design appartment in Berlin or in a building in Haussmannian style in Paris.