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Luceplan Compendium D81 floor lamp

The sculptural floor lamp Luceplan Compendium unites Daniel Rybakken's deep insights into poetical design and function. Structure from anodised aluminium, base from zinc alloy.
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Luceplan Compendium - graphic sculptural light stick.
Compendium refers to a special kind of lens screen. Daniel Rybakken choose this name for a light collection that is the result from a research on light, poetical design and function. Luceplan Compendium unites sculptural emotion, functional clarity and aesthetical lighting schemes, in order to provide the right amount of light without flooding the room with it. This sensitive, well-thought through and very remarkable concept gave birth to the Luceplan Compendium floor lamp capable of producing a big effect with scarce elements.

The slender Luceplan Compendium floor lamp has a thin structure composed of anodised extruded aluminium in brass, aluminium or black and of a black conical base from zinc alloy. The structure features a vertical, cylindrical body with a flanged section. High performance LEDs are located in this section that also serves as screen against excess light. Besides, the structure can rotate on its own axis and, therefore, the light can be directed at will. Furthermore, the floor lamp Compendium by Luceplan is available with a switch or with a dimmer on the cable.


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