Luceplan Berenice Tavolo Grande table lamp

Big table lamp Berenice Tavolo Grande petite and solid is extremly manoeuvrable and available in a number of coloured versions.
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Product details

Table lamp Berenice Tavolo Grande by Luceplan. Petite and precise, solid and stable. The fluidity of the arm joints and the 360° rotary movement of the head allow the light to be directed with minimium obstruction and maximum manageability. The reflector, made of pressed glass or aluminium, emits a concentrated beam of light that focuses attention.The structure of the lamp comes in aluminium or black whereas its reflector is available in different finishes.

Please note that the Berenice lamps do not have a glass cover on the lower side of their reflector. A glass cover is no longer supplied. It used to be part of previous versions of Berenice, which have since been replaced by a new design.


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