Luceplan Agave 70 E27 suspension


Radial suspension Agave D49/70 made of transparent methacrylate plays with light reflection and refraction in a captivating way.
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The suspension lamp Agave D49/70 by Luceplan constrains and "trains" light by forcing it through a geometric maze of refraction and reflection. Working with the brilliance of methacrylate and delicate colour nuances, the architects manipulate fluorescent lamp light using blades of synthetic material. So ingeniously novel is this idea, that is has been patented. A novel play of transparencies, reflections and refractions allows the fluorescent lamp to emit light of strong visual impact. The radial composition of the transparent methacrylate ribs covers the source of light, preventing glare and light dispersion. Four superimposable coloured filters (red, yellow, blue, cream) allow the product to be personalised and are delivered together with the lamp. Agave D49/70 has a high optical performance and a significant energy saving. If the lamp cannot be mounted above the place to light, we can supply an additional, matching white polycarbonate canopy.


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