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Louis Poulsen

The Danish company Louis Poulsen is one of the key players in Scandinavian lamp design. The broad Louis Poulsen portfolio encompasses Danish design classics alongside creations by contemporary international designers. Louis Poulsen's incredible story started in the 19th century and accompanied electricity's triumphant progress in Denmark. It was in the 1920s that Louis Poulsen first had success with decorative lamps, while Poul Henningsen designed the PH lamp for Louis Poulsen, a light fixture which is still one of the brand's best-selling lights.

Ludvig Poulsen initially founded a wine-import business in 1874, which closed down four years later. His second company, founded in 1892, first sold electro-technical gear and tools. Poulsen thereby exemplified the spirit of the time, as the opening of a second power station in Denmark resulted in electrical current becoming available to an increasing number of users, and the use of electrical devices increasing progressively. After Ludvig Poulsen's death in 1906, his nephew Louis Poulsen took over the company. Sophus Kaastrup-Olsen also joined the company, which operates under the name of "Louis Poulsen & Co." since 1911.

The collaboration with Poul Henningsen resulted in the first Louis Poulsen "PH" lamp, whose three-reflector system guaranteed a glare-free light. This was extremely innovative in the 1920s. PH was manufactured in series in 1926 and soon after enjoyed international success.

The long, dark winters, which people in Scandinavia have overcome by using light and comfortable furniture, could explain why this area has pioneered in the creation of modern, cosy interior design. For Louis Poulsen, the best possible lighting is the basis of transforming cold, dark rooms into comfortable oases and increasing people's quality of life. Louis Poulsen also places a strong emphasis on appealing aesthetics because light fixtures are an integral part of interiors and should delight its users, even when switched off.

All Louis Poulsen lamps comply with the company's high standards regarding functionality, high-quality and aesthetics. These principles are interpreted very differently by the designers, be it in a minimalist and discreet or extravagant and romantic way. Glass, synthetic material and metal, bold colours, and the sober greys and whites co-exist in Louis Poulsen designs.

The Louis Poulsen PH lamps remain the manufacturer's most famous and popular lamps. They exemplify Louis Poulsen's combination of tradition and innovation. As such, the PH series is continually being updated, whether with new colours or LED lamps. Limited editions are also regularly offered, turning PH into a living tradition by Louis Poulsen.

The AJ light series is another remarkable design classic. It is the most popular lamp by designer Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen, which stands out with its clean lines. The cheerful and feminine pendant lamps Collage and LC Shutters by Louise Campbell feature in contrast multi-layered shades, which filter the light, thereby creating fascinating patterns and conveying lightness and airiness. The outdoor wall lamp Albertslund exudes a strong presence and is another iconic lamp by Louis Poulsen.

Alongside decorative and atmospheric Danish pendant lamps such as PH Artichoke or LC Shutters, Louis Poulsen offers pared-down ceiling and wall lamps, like the large, round ceiling lamp LP Grand. The extensive Louis Poulsen lamp portfolio encompasses table lamps for sideboards and desks as well as floor lamps for reading or to provide atmospheric lighting.