Louis Poulsen Albertslund wall lamp, GX24q-2 socket

The wall lamp Albertslund by Louis Poulsen in industrial style from 1963 is made of steel and aluminium, galvanized or painted white or grey. For brilliant light dowwards and general lighting.
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Louis Poulsen

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The wall lamp Albertslund by Louis Poulsen has a functional design which makes is perfect for all kinds of architectonical environments. The lamp stands out with its clearly defined, brilliant light. The ringshaped reflector directs most of the light downwards. The lights source is covered by a screening ring. This way the lamp gives of a glare-free light that directly illuminates the desired area. The structure consists of steel and aluminium and is either hot-dip galvanised or powder-coated in white or grey. The bulb's glass shielding is available in a partly matt version. The lamp's arm can be 41 or 51 centimetres long.

The wall lamp Albertslund was designed by Jens Møller-Jensen in 1963 for a residential project in Albertslund, Denmark. The wall light is based on the same design seen in the Albertslund post light – a non-glare ring, three bolts and a Saturn ring, which serves as a reflector.


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