less 'n' more Athene A-WL wall lamp

The wall lamp Athene A-WL by Less 'n' more is an energy-efficient design lamp that is equipped with a touch dimmer for the regulation of the light intensity.
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Product details

The flexible, small wall lamp Athene A-WL (Athene 03) by Less 'n' more can be mounted on any walls without integrated power socket and brings light to where it is needed. Please note, that the feeding cable remains visible. The aluminium lamp head is equipped with a novel glass lens optic for continuously focusable light. For semi-direct lighting, the lamp head is screwed upwards and the angle of the light cone enlargened to a maximum of 100°. For concentrated direct light, the head is screwed downwards, to a minimum angle of 25°. The wall lamp Athene A-WL is equipped with 2.700K LEDs for a warmwhite light.

A 45 cm long flexible shaft, available in natural aluminium as well as with textile coating in anthracite, red, black, white, green, blue or brown, further increases the lamp's ability to satisfy any user's needs. Delivery includes a plug transfomer and a wall fitting in stainless steel.

Athene A-WL by Cologne-based manufacturer Less 'n' more is designed, produced and quality-controlled in Germany.


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