less 'n' more Athene A-MDL2-P wall Lamp with external transformer, externally dimmable

The Less'n'more Athene A-MDL2-P recessed lamp for the wall has a beam angle of 25-100°. Suitable for mounting boxes. Head made of massive aluminium, flexible shaft and base made of aluminium.
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Product details

The flexible wall or ceiling lamp Athene A-MDL2-P (Athene 32) by Less'n'more gives off bright LED light focussed between 25° and 100° that can be individually oriented. The innovative glass lense optics allow the light's angle to be continuously adjusted simply by turning the diffusor. The light of Less'n'more Athene A-MDL2-P is also freely orientable with the aid of the long flexible shaft. It is made of aluminium and covered in fabric in a variety of colours. The base of the Athene recessed lamp is made of aluminium.

Attention: The power supply is comprised in the delivery but must be externally installed. Athene A-MDL2-P wall lamp by Less'n'more is dimmable with a phase cut dimmer.


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