less 'n' more Athene A-6SL floor lamp

The imaginative floor lamp Athene A-6SL by Less 'n' more is an extravagant source of light, that attracts immediately the attention. Efficient due to LED technology.
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Product details

The extraordinary floor lamp Athene A-6SL (Athene 71) by Less 'n' more combines modern design with LED-technology. The lamp's greatest innovation is hidden within the lamp heads from massive aluminium: a novel glasslense optic for continuously adjusting the light cone. For semi-direct lighting, the lamp heads are screwed upwards and the angle of the light cone enlargened to a maximum of 100°. For concentrated direct light, the heads are screwed downwards, to a minimum angle of 25°. The six flexible shafts greatly enhance the high flexibility of Athene A-6SL by Less 'n' more. They are available in a version in natural aluminium as well as with a textile cover in red, black, white, green, blue or anthracite. The Less 'n' more Athene A-6SL floor lamp comes with a electric cable made of transparent silicone, which is equipped with a dimmer switch.


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