less 'n' more Athene A-6DL chandelier

Make your light a truly unique object with the cahndelier Athene A-6DL by Less 'n' more. The six flexible shafts can be bent, allowing the lamp to take on individual shapes. Externally dimmable.
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less 'n' more

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The extravagant porcelain chandelier Athene A-6DL (Athene 70) by Less 'n' more combines modern design with latest LED-technology. The lamp's greatest innovation is hidden within the lamp heads from massive aluminium: a novel glasslense optic for continuously adjusting the light cone. For semi-direct lighting, the lamp heads are screwed upwards and the angle of the light cone enlargened to a maximum of 100°. For concentrated direct light, the heads are screwed downwards, to a minimum angle of 25°. The six 92 cm long flexible shafts maximize the lamp's flexibility, and are available in natural aluminium as well as with fabric covers in various colours. Less 'n' more Athene A-6DL ceiling lamp is dimmable via external phase-cut dimmer.


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