less 'n' more Athene A-3HSL floor lamp with 3 lights

The floor lamp Athene A-3HSL with 3 lights offers every room that certain something. As all Less 'n' more lights the design lamp is equipped with energy-efficient LEDs. With dimmer switch.
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Product details

The extravagant floor lamp Athene A-3HSL (Athene 17) by Less 'n' more impresses with its flexibility and energy efficiency. The three lamp heads, equipped with integrated, warmwhite LEDs, are connected to the three oak rods via flexible aluminium shafts. These shafts' length is adaptable, lending the lamp astounding versatility.

The luminaire heads made of aluminium are equipped with novel glass lense optics for continuously focusable light. For semi-direct lighting, the lamp heads are screwed upwards and the angle of the light cone enlargened to a maximum of 100°. For concentrated, direct light, the heads are screwed downwards, to a minimum angle of 25°. The three lamp's foots are made of stainless steel, the cable is cover in red-white checked fabric. Floor lamp Less 'n' more Athene A-3HSL is equipped with a cord dimmer.


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