LED Spot Lights

LED spot lights – focussed illumination for inside and outside

If you are looking for a balanced illumination in your home or in front of it, they should not be missed: the LED spot lights or LED spot lights for outside. A cosy, pleasant room light is basic for an illumination of quality. Spot lights complete this illumination and provide accent lighting and a stylish ambience. LED ceiling spot lights, dimmable and flexibly directable, are especially popular. The design of the ceiling spot light makes it possible to accurately, yet variably illuminate an object, picture or area like, for example, a closet. LED spot lights are indispensable in front of the house or in the garden, because they guarantee a beautiful and secure illumination in outside areas. Spot lights with LED connect the functional design of halogen spot lights with the energy-efficient LED technology. Per se the LED spot lights to be affixed on the wall or ceiling are versatile and could be used anywhere. However, there are also diverse specialisations enabling more function. Here is an overview:

  • LED ceiling spot light: Classical LED spot light, dimmable and directable
  • LED spot light: LED wall or ceiling lamp - spot light for special lighting accents
  • LED spot light for outside: Floor or design spot light for the ceiling with LED high IP protection index
  • LED track lighting: Track carrying most of the time diverse flexible spot lights, also for general lighting
  • LED spot light on rectangular base: long LED ceiling light with spot lights with one or more LED spot lights (for ex. dimmable LED spot light with 4 lamps)
  • LED display spot light: LED display spot light to enhance the illumination of pictures, boards or monitors
  • LED industrial spot light: high-quality, very bright LED ceiling lamps with spot lights or wall lamps
  • LED standing spot light: floor lamp with Led spotlights

LED spot light & LED spot light for outside: universal, functional, individual

What is so typical about a LED spot light or outside LED spot light is a clear functional design with unobtrusive colour scheme. On the one side, LED spot lights are mostly available in white, black, grey or chrome. On the other side, an accent is laid on technical details. LED spot lights especially the dimmable ones enable a number of modern lighting solutions. Dimmable ceiling lamps with LED lamps are useful nearly everywhere, in the corridor, in the living room, in the bedroom or in the reading corner. In opposition to other LED light fixtures, for example to a LED ceiling lamp, a spot light sets special light accents and creates a beautyful light island. Outside LED spot lights (also dimmable) are suitable for the house entry area, the facade, the paths and also the garden. Especially the security lighting of stairways and paths is essential. Whether LED spot light or outside LED spot light, when you want to dim a LED spot light, what you need is not always a three cables connection but sometimes a five cable connection to make it possible. Our skilled team members would be happy to inform you about what you can do.

Technical achievements united in LED spot lights

A minimalist appearance paired with high-tech concealed inside, the LED spot lights may have a simple design, their concept is yet innovative. The LED lamps for spot light, and for ceiling spot light as well, are especially economical and therefore efficient, energy-efficient and last but not least environment-friendly. The LED lamp can be directly embedded in the spot light or a special retrofit LED lamp can be used for the spot light. With such lamps you turn your old ceiling spot light into an innovative LED ceiling spot light. We would be happy to give you an individual advice!

You would like to buy LED spot lights or spot lights with LED? In the NOSTRAFORMA LED spot light shop, there is a large choice of modern LED spot lights and LED spot lights for outside. We would like to help you with the right choice - please just contact us!