LED Pendant Lights

LED suspension – comfortable, stylish and efficient

Should you wish to set a special statement in the room, a design suspension is a good choice. Those who favour efficiency and innovation, choose a LED suspension light, also commonly called LED suspension. In both cases, the suspension or LED suspension sets light accents and creates a mood lighting because it has a central position in a room. The LED light fixture allies this characteristic with the most modern technique and a future-oriented efficiency. Whether high-quality LED eating table light, opulent chandelier or long LED suspension for the office, LED suspensions exert an influence on the ambience in a room and upgrade it. Here is an extensive list of its many advantages:

  • Ambience: The design suspensions upgrade the room
  • Flexibility: The modern LED suspension should be dimmable and height-adjustable
  • Various versions: There is a suitable LED suspension light (commonly LED suspension or LED suspension lamp) for any taste and use
  • Versatile: There are LED suspensions for the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, the office etc...
  • Inovative: The LED suspension convinces with technical hightlights like a sensorial dimmer (suspension with sensorial dimmer)
  • Efficiency: Suspensions with LED light source (LED lamp / lamps) have a low energy consumption, a long life span and need few maintenance

Favourite guest: The LED suspension is first choice over the table but not only

When one speaks of suspension lights (suspensions), one thinks first of lights for eating tables, preferably with LED. Because, the LED suspension is a must over the dining table. Whether round or long, height-adjustable or with adjustable arms, whether with integrated LED module or with a retrofit LED lamp, the design LED suspension creates a wonderful light island over the table and drenches all the people seated around it in an intimate atmosphere. Adjustable pendant lamps with LED lamps make it possible to change the dining table into a desk or a table on which to play or paint with one simple gesture. This light fixtures (lights) and their warm LED light are flexibly height-adjustable with the result that their light is modified. Do you have a dining room? In this case, the LED suspension it he perfect LED dining room light (commonly LED dining room light fixture or dining room lights with LED). In any case, design suspensions with LED are available with many shapes (round, square, adjustable), colours (white, coloured, metallic) and materials (metal, synthetic material, wood). Yet, design suspensions with LED lamps are not only suitable for the lighting of dining rooms, but can be used diversely. Here is an overview of their uses:

  • LED dining room light (commonly LED dining room light): 60 cm above the table it gives off an ideal lighting during any meal
  • LED accent light: LED suspensions create a room in the room through a clear contrast between light and dark ( for example dining room, reading corner, counter)
  • LED task light: Office suspensions with LED offer a glare-free, pleasant task-light and should be dimmable and height-adjustable
  • LED chandelier: An impressive LED suspension can serve in the middle of the room
  • LED height-adjustable suspension: The height-adjustable and sometimes width-adjustable LED lights are especially convenient and adaptable
  • LED track system: LED suspensions are also available for dimmable track systems

Statement in the room: LED suspensions are mood-setter

Instead of glueing to the ceiling, the suspension with LED juts out from the ceiling into the room. Therefore, this light fixture plays the special role of the mood-setter. No other light is as domineering and decisive for the ambience in a room like the suspension. It associates the pleasant room light of the ceiling lamp with the focussed illumination of an area that could be provided by a floor lamp or a table lamp. Famous brands like Artemide, Catellani & Smith or Philips have developed wonderful suspensions. A good example for a popular LED suspension are, to name just a few, the fascinating Artemide Pirce LED or the classic Foscarini Caboche LED suspensions.

At NOSTRAFORMA you will find every famous suspension manufacturer and a huge range of products. That is the reason why you should undoubtlessly find the ideal LED suspension for your home!