LED Lighting

LED lights and LED lamps – the future is now

Whoever is interested in a LED light or LED lamp, chooses a future-oriented, modern lighting. LED is not only synonymous of innovation, but also of sustainability. Quality design LED lights convince with their high-quality light and with their huge efficiency as well as with a life span of more than 20 years. Besides, modern lights with built-in LED make it possible for the designers to tap into previously unknown possibilities when creating innovative LED lighting. Since the breakthrough of the LED lamp, there is an increasing number of Home interior LED lights as well as illumination for outside with LED in the Nostraforma lights and lamps shop. Needless to say that the LED light has become part of the home illumination since a long time.

What are LED lights and what are LED lamps?

At Nostraforma, you will find any kind of LED lights in the categories interior lights and exterior lights. Modern LED ceiling lights (commonly ceiling lamps), LED wall lamps, LED suspensions or table lamps are included in our product range as well as high-quality LED lights and LED spot lights. Thanks to their small size, the LED lights are suitable not only as stylish LED lights for the living room or for appealing outside illumination, but especially as functional LED lights to affix to the ceiling or as recessed lights, as for example LED cupboard lights. There are also special LED lights for a pleasant bathroom illumination (LED bathroom lights) or high-quality kitchen illumination in our LED lights and lamps shop. Of course, we also offer professional solutions for businesses or for the illumination of offices. Whoever chooses a LED illumination, does not have to get rid of his favourite design lights, but can convert into LED lights. For this purpose, there is a modern retrofit LED lamp. The LED light is also called LED lamp, which is an error. Whereas the first one is a light fixture with embedded LED lamps, the other one is a lamp with a classical base. Such LED lamps can be screwed in a design light with the right socket and very easily replace less efficient incandescent lamps. During the last years, their design has been adapted by the industry in order to better resemble the traditional lamp. That is why today LED lamps appeals even to people, who first completely rejected the illumination by LED lamps.

Design meets Future – Logically LED!

Whether light fixtures or lamps with LED, the outstanding light quality, the large range of colour temperature as well as the long life span are strong arguments for the LED. It explains that LED lights like the modern LED ceiling lamp Veroca by B.Lux or the LED reading light Kelvin by Flos are best-selling lights. Besides, some design lights are also available as LED versions as it is the case for the LED incandescent lamps by Ingo Maurer or the LED globe-lamps by Next.

You would like to buy LED lights, do you need some help? We would like to help you in the search for a unique design LED light and the suitable LED lamps - with the large range of products in our shop and the skills of our competent service team to be reached by telephone or personally met in our showroom.