LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling light – a new efficiency to produce light in a room

The Design LED ceiling light (LED ceiling lamp) unites an even general light with an energy-saving LED ceiling lighting with a long life span. Because of its central position at the ceiling from where it is able to brighten the whole room, it is seen as the allrounder among the LED light fixtures. Design LED ceiling lights also called LED ceiling lamps are the preferred option for a basic lighting in whatever room. However the LED ceiling light is able to offer more because it creates a pleasant atmophere and at the same time, depending on its design, can be a wonderful eyecatcher.

Advantages of LED ceiling lights:

  • Designer ceiling lights with LED are efficient thanks to their small energy consumption
  • With up to 50.000 hours, the life span of LED lights is very long
  • Modern ceiling lights with LED are available in a large range of white (2.700 to 6.500 Kelvin) as well as in coloured versions
  • Retrofit LED lamps make it easier to convert existing lights
  • LED ceiling lights and LED lamps are available in dimmable versions
  • A LED ceiling lamp reaches full brightness without delay
  • LED light fixtures need few maintenance and are suitable for continuous use
  • With LED lamps, new design prospectives are open for the designers

The mother of all light fixtures: the LED design ceiling lamp

Long before there were LED lights for the ceiling, ceiling lights were considered a must for any room, from the living room to the kitchen and down to the cellar. This has to do with its ability to brighten a room from the ceiling into the furthest corner and also with the numerous versions of LED lights for the ceiling. The classical LED light is flat, white and round or square and is above all suitable as simple LED lighting on a low ceiling. Button by Flos, Veroca LED by B.Lux or Bloq by Philipps are good examples. Besides, there are of course ceiling lights with LED which offer both a uniform general light and an extraordinary eyecatcher, such as the Mercury LED by Artemide. No wonder if the LED design ceiling lights count among the most often sold light fixtures. - for any room and each taste there is a suitable light fixture:

  • Living room: a LED ceiling light located in the middle of the room provides an atmospheric basic lighting
  • Room of child: Colourful and extraordinary LED ceiling lights offer an even room light and more fun to play
  • Corridor and entry hall: Dramatic LED lights create a welcoming atmosphere, whereas LED spot lights set light accents
  • Kitchen: Recessed LED lights for cupboards or LED lights to affix on the ceiling provide bright, direct and efficient light for cooking
  • Bathroom: Smooth, warm and secure light in the bathroom is guaranted by LED ceiling lamps with high IP protection index

LED lamps – The simple way to convert your existing ceiling lights into LED light fixtures

You already have the perfect light fixture at the ceiling, you like it and would never want to replace it by a new one? All you have to do is buy a Retrofit LED lamp with the same socket (for example E27) and put it into your light fixture. Once done, the efficient light of the LED lamp already shines from your ceiling. We recommend to use a LED lamp by a renowned manufacturer such as Osram or Philips to convert your light fixture into a LED light. These lamps are even sometimes available with remote control or smart light control via application. Our recommandation: When buying a LED ceiling lamp, please do not only look if it is dimmable, but how it is dimmable. In fact most households have a three cables connection, yet some LED lamps require a five cable connection. The Nostraforma team would be very happy to help you in this matter!

You would like to buy a modern LED ceiling lamp? In the NOSTRAFORMA LED light shop there is a wide range of such lights - of course with best price guarantee!