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Le Klint – light design in an unmistakably traditional, Scandinavian style

Le Klint light fixtures (commonly called lights) represent the essence of traditional Danish craftsmanship. The company founded by Tage Klint has produced unique, hand-made lights since 1943.


In what way are light fixtures by Le Klint so spécial?
The foundation of the company Le Klint
The Le Klint collections: from The Lantern to the series Arc
A prized light design: the awards won by Le Klint
Where can you put Le Klint lights?
The Le Klint design philosophy

In what way are light fixtures by Le Klint so special?

What characterises Le Klint lights is their unique DNA, shades made of paper or synthetic material which have been hand-pleated into complex patterns. These are based on consistent craftsmanship, which has required years of experience, and are manufactured in Odensee, where the company's headquarters are located in Denmark. The light fixtures with the beautiful, impressive shapes are made by the famous "pleating ladies", women who patiently acquire the necessary skills to master this unique pleating technique during three years of apprenticeship.

The foundation of the company Le Klint

Le Klint was founded in 1943 by Tage Klint. It all started with Peder VJ Klints, an architect and engineer, who manufactured paper shades for oil lamps during his free-time. He involved family members and some friends in this activity to continually develop more efficient shades. Tage Klint, PVJ Klint's son, continued his father's work and added an elastic collar, which he patented. In 1943, a company bearing Tage Klint's daughter's name, Lise Le Charlotte, was founded. His brother, Kaare, and his son, Esben, were responsible for numerous light creations until the 1960s. From 1954, Jan, Tage Klint's son, took over the company; in 2001 he was replaced by Kim Weckstrøm Jensen.

The Le Klint collections: from The Lantern to the series Arc

The line Classic represents the quintessence of the Le Klint lights, which are lights made of pleated paper providing harmonious and glare-free illumination. Despite the company's strong DNA, Le Klint keeps in tune with the times by updating its designs with formal and technical trends. This is an ongoing process - working together with famous industrial designers and architects.

The result is a design which is unmistakably influenced by Scandinavian style, yet possesses its own formal language. The light fixtures, which were originally delicate and exuded a feminine charm, became more and more masculine and took on pure shapes, known as Nordic minimalism.

  • Series Classic: This collection from the 1940s and 1950s is the basis of the Le Klint light fixtures. Le Klint lights were inspired by the lantern-like, original LK 101 by Kaare Klint, a suspension also known as "fruit lamp". It is a hand-made ball which narrows upwards and merges with the suspension system. It spreads a harmonious, even light.

  • Suspension Antoni: this designer classic with an extraordinary shape was created in 1968 by the design legend Ib Antoni and was reintroduced in fresh and cheerful colours in 2017. When designing this light, Antoni was inspired by the glass lights which can be seen everywhere in Tivoli park.

  • Series Sinus: With its sculptural series Sinus, launched in the early 1970s, the architect Poul Christiansen sought to reshape the pleated lights which had hitherto featured right-angled pleats. His novel idea was to achieve undulating pleats with curves based on sinusoidal waves.

  • Swirl: Designed in 2013, the series Swirl by Øivind Slaattos with shades made of accurately bent synthetic foils well-illustrates what careful craftsmanship is required to manufacture a Le Klint light. The lamellas arranged like the structure of a snail house create a glare-free light.

  • Caché: The series Caché designed in 2014 by the young French designer Aurélien Barbry added Scandinavian minimalism to the Le Klint DNA. The diffuser made of pleated synthetic material is concealed in the simple, tulip-like, metallic shade. The collection Caché compiles suspensions, floor lamps and table lamps.

  • Mutatio: The cylindrical series designed in the same year by Christian Troels is an appealing wall and table lamp which can vary the quantity of diffused light because of its Scandinavian minimalism.

  • Carronade: The designer Markus Johansson found inspiration in the 17th century ships' guns for the collection Carronade launched in 2016. He has adapted them to the minimalist trend by adding some industrial design. This collection includes floor lamps, suspensions, table and wall lamps.

  • Arc: The aptly named Arc collection was launched when the company celebrated its 75th birthday in 2018. The collection consisting of suspensions, floor lamps, wall and table lamps was designed by the young team of Danish designers Manér Studio and represents the successful fusion of industrial style and hand-pleated paper diffusers which are Le Klint's hallmark.

A prized lighting design: the awards won by Le Klint

Since 2003, Le Klint has had the status of official supplier of the royal family, the highest honour for a designer, because among others, the royal yacht and the Copenhagen airport representation rooms have lights by Le Klint. Many recently manufactured lights have also been nominated and awarded the Danish Design Award, Denmark's most famous design prize. This applies especially to the series Caché, the floor lamp Carronade, the table lamp Mutatio and the series Arc by Manér Studio.

Where do you place the lights Le Klint?

Because of its large choice of lights, which are delicate and feminine or masculine and basic in a Scandinavian style, Le Klint lights integrate into a large variety of furnishing styles, whether modern or minimalist, cheerful and eccentric or very classic.

Design philosophy by Le Klint

The CEO Kim Weckstrøm Jensen describes it with a quote:

"Our aim is to continually develop a both innovative and functional design, able to authentically represent our ethics, while respecting our DNA. We remain true to our original concept, but we permanently adapt to new trends ".

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