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Kundalini Kyudo Floor Lamp

Bow-shaped floor lamp Kyudo by German design duo hansandfranz. LED strip and adjustable upper bow for direct to diffuse lighting.
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The floor lamp Kyudo by Kundalini is an extraordinary design by the young German design duo hansandfranz. It is named after Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery deeply rooted in Zen philosophy. The floor lamp by Kundalini also has the shape of a bow and illuminates the area below with focussed light. It´s structure is from extruded aluminium, optionally lacquered in glossy white, red or black. The upper one of the two interleaved bows is height adjustable and equipped with two LED strips, which provide clear and warm white light. It can be height adjusted at will, with a different light distribution depending on the position. When completely expanded, the light distribution is direct and perfectly suited for reading or relaxing. When pushed down, the light distribution is diffuse and rather suited for general lighting.

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