Ingo Maurer Campari Bar Table Lamp

The Campari Bar table lamp by Ingo Maurer has a reflector consisting of ten Campari Soda bottles. On top, the light is refracted by "ice cubes" made of glass.
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Campari Bar by Ingo Maurer is the extraordinary table lamp that matches the Campari Light suspension lamp. It has a shade consisting of ten Campari Soda bottles, which can be removed individually. Thanks to their iconic shape and colour, they are immediately recognizable. On top of the shade, there is a glass sculpture imitating the shape of ice cubes. Just like the bottles, the ice cubes influence the way that the lamp's light spreads.
The table lamp has a slim, simple stem and a wide, approximately oval-shaped base, which is a plate from the Alessi Colombina collection.
Campari Bar has a pull switch decorated with a Campari crown cap.

The little bowls in the photo are merely a decoration example and are not included in the delivery.


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