Icone Lights & Lamps


Icone is an internationally famous Italian brand offering designer lights. It is part of the company Minitallux, founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Pagnoncelli in Brembate, Italy. Minitallux first produced light fixtures for other companies. Then, during the 1980s, the founder's children gave another impulse to the company. Minitallux now produces its own lights designed by Marco Pagnoncelli and marketed under the brand Icone.

The typical Icone design relies on high-quality materials, like glass and metal, as well as surfaces and colours characterized by both refinement and elegance. The diverse lights offered by Icone feature copper, gold foil and other precious elements.

Marco Pagnoncelli's style evolved over time. While the original creations were characterized by bold, artistic shapes, the newest ones are rectilinear, modern and subtly elegant. At the same time, Icone increasingly uses LED lamps, which offer new perspectives in terms of shape.

Salsola, which features a diffuser surrounded by a net composed of rolled-up aluminium strips, is one of Minitallux's most popular lights. It was inspired by nature: Salsola is the name of the prickly saltwort, a plant widespread in the Mediterranean area. It is no surprise that there is an outdoor Salsola light. The light series Nido is no less amusing and features details drawn from fauna and flora. Here the entangled copper wires and the rolled metal imitate branches and birds' nests. White and oval glass diffusers serve as eggs in the nests. The result is a nearly sculptural and very extraordinary light. The entangled metallic wires form the heart of the Saggina lights. They are named after a plant and look like branches fitted with small lamps. The Piastra wall lamps composed of large metallic plates in a choice of surfaces (among other, rust and gold leaf) are typical examples of Pagnoncelli's first creations, which were not reduced to their simple function, but turned into true artistic objects.

The ceiling lamps Confort, Swing and Scudo are new Icone lights which feature several LED diffusers in a flat plate. Confort provides a refined touch to its simple creations thanks to details establishing a contrast, notably in gold and silver. The wall lamps Luà and Vera have a well-defined shape, sometimes combined with surfaces of precious metals.

The ceiling lamps and suspensions in the collection Arbor were also inspired by nature, yet their shapes are much more abstract and minimalist than Nido's and Salsola's shapes. Each light arm of the Arbor lights has a small, flat reflector directed upwards, downwards or sideways. In this way, Arbor emits a direct or indirect light, as desired. it is a stylized treetop, which is at ease even in modern interiors.