Fritz Hansen Lights & Lamps

Fritz Hansen

The Sydney Opera House, masterpieces by Mondrian or Caravaggio, the world of science-fiction or the solar system. Architects and designers like Jorn Utzon, Cecilie Manz or Knud Holscher have various sources of inspiration, but their lights for Danish manufacturer Lightyears have all one thing in common: the fusion of form and function. Both of aspects are seen as equally important features of the lights and must be optimized at the same time. The hallmark of lights and lamps by Lightyears is the successful mélange of Danish nonchalance, purist design and technical excellence. The Nordic design roots thereby remaining clearly visible. The combination of progressive and timeless aesthetics is the golden thread that runs through all the product series, tangibly expressed through functional design and refined lighting technology, where every single detail has its own purpose. This also explains how, for example, pendant lamp Caravaggio became a bestseller shortly after its introduction. The shade’s glossy finish, the contrast of brightness and darkness are as breathtaking as the masterpieces by Renaissance painter Caravaggio. The lamp’s unique way of distributing the light creates an ambience full of atmosphere and turns it into an extraordinary eye-catcher in private homes or chic restaurants. In short, Lightyears’ product assortment presents a new and pioneering order of modern design and quality illumination. The Danish firm knows that a name brings obligation and is therefore committed to being light years ahead!