Foscarini Lights & Lamps


The Italian lamp manufacturer Foscarini is one of the major players in the lighting industry, alongside Artemide and Flos. When one attempts to capture the essence of Foscarini lamps, be it the Foscarini Twiggy, Rituals or Bahia, words such as avantgarde and creativity spring to mind. Hardly any other manufacturer offers such a choice of unconventional, innovative design lamps like Foscarini, which exude subtle luxury through a design reduced to the very core. Italian light fixtures, yes but re-interpreted! The history of the company begins in 1981 on the Venetian island of Murano in Italy and is - as often is the case - based on mouth-blown Murano glass.Foscarini initially produces selectedItalian light fixtures for hotels and stores in the Arab world. Yet, already in 1983, the two very first design lamp collections by the actual company owners Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato initiate a radical change in the company's design philosophy. From then onwards, Foscarini does not only collaborate with famous masters like Patricia Urquiola or Marc Sadler, but also with newcomers that enhacne the portfolio with their bold creations. As a manufacturer, Foscarini furthermore extends the variety of products and materials. In 2009, Foscarini and the brand Diesel started a collaboration and, since then produce design lamps. Diesel with Foscarini lamps distinguish themselves through their unconventional, laid-back design.

The Italian lamp manufacturer Foscarini captivates with technology, creativity and above all with passion. The results are lamps with a distinctive character, which add a special touch to any room, without compromising functionality. The Foscarini lamps made in Italy are made of the most diverse materials, shapes and colours. The most famous Foscarini lamp made of glass is the lamp series Foscarini Gregg, which is available as a pendant, ceiling, floor and table lamps. The most extraordinary designs are however made of polyethylene, wood, aluminium or carbon fibre. The light Foscarini Caboche by Patricia Urquiola is a truly iconic contemporary design.The Foscarini floor lamp or pendant lamp Havana by Jozeph Forakis is now exhibited in the permanent collection of the "Museum of Modern Art" in New York. The Foscarini Twiggy lamp is another convincing example of the symbiosis of technology and design. The lamp Foscarini Twiggy Terra in particular, but also the floor lamps Mite and Tress have been often copied but never equalled. The same holds true for the pendant lampFoscarini Supernova. Not only these Foscarini classics of design but also the newest lamp collections by Foscarini reflect the continuous innovative strength of the company. Foscarini pendant lamps such as the Foscarini Chouchin by Ioanna Vautrin or Foscarini Rituals by Ludovica and Roberto Paloma imbue rooms with a modern ambience. Italian ceiling lamps or wall lamps like Foscarini Bahia or Big Bang set unique lighting accents. The designs by Foscarini may be Made in Italy, but they sometimes draw inspiration from Eastern wisdom as is best exemplified by the Foscarini table lamp Foscarini Anisha. This is without doubt the preserve of outstanding design.

Foscarini is more than a world-famous Italian lamp manufacturer. Foscarini is a way of life beyond conventional forms. The operative word: unconventional. The best example for this is the collaboration with Diesel. A Diesel lamp is the precise embodiment of this unbridled creativity that is so typical for the lamp manufacturer Foscarini Lighting - with a distinct rock'n roll touch. At the same time, each Foscarini lamp, because of being an Italian design lamp, can be seamlessly integrated in the most diverse rooms and interior concepts. The manufacturer accords special importance to its own research for the development of its lamps. In 2007, the company created the Foscarini Lab for young industrial designers. There they can realize their own ideas and produce them in series. It is more than just smart talent scouting, it is the ideal way to keep up with current trends. This is for sure one reason why Foscarini Light could position itself internationally as a premium lamp manufacturer and will sustain this position in the long-term.