Foscarini Twiggy MyLight CASAMBI Floor Lamp

Twiggy Terra MyLight LED is a floor lamp by Foscarini, operated and dimmed by Casambi. It is famous for its opaque shade and thin, arched arm.
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Product details

Twiggy by Foscarini is an impressive and elegant floor lamp with a thin arm holding an opaque shade. The arm is slightly flexible and can be bent with the weight. The weight included in the delivery serves to adjust the shade in height. The light fixture is available with an additional part serving to elongate the arm. This part serves for adjusting the light's height and placing the shade higher or lower. Thanks to its simple design and great flexibility, Twiggy can serve in diverse rooms to obtain diverse lighting effects.

Twiggy provides downward light thanks to its opaque shade The light is made of a composite material on a glass fiber basis. It is available in a choice of colours.

The Twiggy Terra MyLight LED suspension uses the intelligent and user-friendly device Casambi, enabling to adjust the light intensity between 0 and 100%. For this purpose new cables, switchs, devices or Internet connections are not required. The light has to be installed and only connected via Bluetooth with a Smartphone, tablet or another control device. A configuration by qualified personnel is not necessary.


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