Foscarini Twiggy LED Floor Lamp

The overhanging floor lamp Twiggy by Foscarini combines a wide, opaque diffusor with a slender, bent arm, which makes it seem as if the diffusor is floating. This is the LED version of the lamp.
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Product details

Twiggy by Foscarini is an impressive, elegant floor lamp, whose wide, opaque diffusor is carried by a slender arm, which is flexible and gently bends under the weight. Using weights that are included in the delivery, the diffusor's height can thus be adjusted.
The lamp is also available with an additional lengthening arm. It allows an easy adjustment of the height and depth of the lamp. Thanks to its simple design and great flexibility, Twiggy can be used in many different rooms for different effects.

Twiggy gives off its light downwards, thanks to the opaque diffusor. The lamp is made of a glass fiber based composite material and is available in black, white, red and yellow. A dimmer is included.


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