Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp

Arched floor lamp Twiggy with broad opaque shade and flexible arch from a composite material based on glass fiber, available in various colours.
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Product details

The arched floor lamp Twiggy Terra by Foscarini shows natural elegance, lightness and flexibility. This monochrome lamp is made of a lacquered composite material on a glass fibre base and is available in white, black, yellow and red. Depending on the chosen colour, this lamp produces diverse effects. With the aid of the wheighing disks included in the delivery, it is possible to lower the diffuser of the lamp. On request, we can deliver an extention rod that serves to increase the height of the flexible lamp's stem. The opaque diffuser protects from dazzle and focuses the light downwards, whereas some light goes upwards through the upper transparent protection disk. This light is equipped with a dimmer.


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