Foscarini Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp

Twice as Twiggy is twice as big as the famous floor lamp Foscarini Twiggy LED which illuminates large rooms. Glass fibre, PMMA and lacquered metal and aluminium.
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Twice as Twiggy by Foscarini - large size: Who does not know it, the floor lamp Twiggy by Marc Sadler? With the Foscarini Twice as Twiggy, the Italian manufacturer presents a Twiggy with double dimensions suitable for large rooms. The familiar design remains unchanged, even it is was completed with some new technical refinements. For exemple, the "fishing rod", the long arch is also very thin in the case of the Foscarini Twice as Twiggy. The steel cable has been integrated inside the arch. The shade is also very light and well-balanced.

The floor lamp Foscarini Twice as Twiggy LED is composed of a composite material based on glass fibre as well as PMMA and lacquered metal. The shade can be varied in height and enables therefore added flexibility. Whether in hotels, in commercial rooms or in private lofts, the Foscarini Twice as Twiggy sets strong accents without overloading the room. The light is directed directly downwards and diffusely upwards. Of course, the LED light is equipped with a dimmer.


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