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Foscarini Tress Terra floor lamp

Floor lamp Tress from woven threads on fiber glass base is available in two dimensions and different colours.
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The floor lamp Tress by Foscarini is after award-winning light icon 'Mite' and 'Twiggy' the latest result of the fruitful co-operation between the Italian manufacturer and the design talent Marc Sadler.
The product familiy Tress includes versions for the floor, table and ceiling and is a weave of threads and resin that at the same times serves as structure, decoration and screen and produces a never before seen interplay of light and shadow. This innovative compound material on lacquered glass fibre base is the result of two years of research and development and created with an exclusive manufacturing process. The lamps are available in white, greige, indigo blue, crimson and black. The floor lamp Tress is available in two sizes, media and grande. The larger version Tress grande produces particularly attractive and decorative light effects due to two separate light source. The first one in the lower position completely illuminates the interior of the lamp and highlights its graphic weaves producing at the same time interesting light reflections on the floor. The second light source works like an uplighter, directed towards the ceiling and reflected by it. Whether switched on separately or together, Tress always provides different light ambiences and effects. The feeding cable woven inside the structure gives a plain and elegant effect.


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