Flos Piani table light

The Piani table lamp by Flos provides diffuse, soft light. The light structure is made of injection printed ABS, dissipater in polished pressofused aluminium, diffuser in injection printed PMM.
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Well-known for their clean lines and minimalist designs, with the Piani series of table lamps the two French designers Ronan Bouroullec, Erwan Bouroullec demonstrate how formal reduction and simplicity of design can breathe life into objects that are both useful and elegant. The distinctive feature of the series is the overlaying of two flat elements, the upper one providing direct light, while the lower one, shaped like a tray, becomes a convenient receptacle for pens, coins, paper clips, keys and the other little objects that we never know where to put. And therefore the Piani lamps become sort of elegant trays for desks and entrance halls. Always sensitive to peoples' daily needs, with Piani the Bououllec brothers have created objects that are both useful and functional.

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