Faustig Lights & Lamps


Absolute pursuit of highest available quality and perfectly shaped beauty: For more than 50 years Faustig stands for a non-recurring collection of designer crystal chandeliers. Family firm Kurt Faustig KG was founded in 1960, general manager is Rosal Faustig. Faustig – based in Stockdorf / Munich and Bressanone / South Tyrol where you can find the showroom – considers itself a quality leader that is remarkable for its continuous further development and optimization of crystal chandeliers as well as for its customer-oriented service and distinguished consulting. Individual pieces of art: Faustig produces real artwork from crystal. Especially the cutom-made products represent the high class of the crytal chandeliers production. Faustig features chandeliers, as the Faustig 40600 SWS, Faustig 55025 or Faustig 71045, as well as ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. Materials, such as strass and gold, as well as special designs of every size are self-evident. In 2000 company produced the largest and most complicated crystal chandelier and set a world record. This official Guinness World Record testifies to Faustig's pursuit of perfection and beauty.