Driade Lights & Furniture


As everyone knows, Italian design is characterised by a refined sense of aesthetics. This fact is reflected by the range of the label Driade which its founders define more as a project than a company. As they put it: “it is a unique aesthetic experiment that undergoes a continuous process.“ The result is an unmistakable style that successfully unites classicism and modernity, refinement and simplicity, ornament and high quality. What-is-more, Driade edits pieces of furniture – especially armchairs, chairs and also accessories – designed by famous designers.  The designers involved in the success of Driade are Philippe Starck, Borek Sipek, Naoto Fukasawa, Ron Arad, Toyo Ito or Patricia Urquiola to name just a few.

Driade combines refined materials like leather, glass or wood into contemporary designs or associates elegant shapes with synthetic materials. The series Neoz by Philippe Starck is one example of the formal language of the Driade label. The couch and the day bed express luxury and taste but feature rolls that connect them with modern times adapting them to our contemporary nomadic life style. The chair, armrest chair and bar stool Driade Neoz have in common a discreet elegance and are not on rolls. The Monseigneur series by Driade stands for eclecticism in the Driade repertoire. Stitched upholstery, formal breaks and the ultimate material mix from leather, wood and stainless steel are the unmistakable style elements on the Driade Monseigneur couch, armchair, stool or chair that speak for a design by Philippe Starck. This enfant terrible of the design also signed the classical chair on three legs Driade Costes, the extravagant leather seat Lou Reed and the artfully baroque Driade Miss Lacy, a chair with armrests that features a powerful style mix.

The Japanese minimalist Naoto Fukasawa lends the Driade design portfolio his very personal touch. The organically shaped seating islands Driade Ishi and Koishi as well as the coat rack Driade Muku that looks like a stylised tree are examples of the stylish range by the Italian manufacturer. Patricia Urquiola, who designed the chairs series Driade Flo or the outdoor seat Driade Pavo Real for the brand keeps to her personal style.  Driade also works in collaboration with architects and designers like Mario Bellini, who designed the essentials couch and seat Driade Faust or the Czech Borek Sipek who made the magic opulent luminaires Driade Apollonio or Driade Norma and last but not least the Italian designer Alessandro Mendini who introduces a flavour of bohemian spirit in the world of design with the Driade Sabrina seat.

Driade instills an art of living that infuses into the smallest details of the furnishings. Living accessories like luminaires and carpets round up the heterogeneous range of products by Driade.  One of them is the suspension Driade Empire, a contemporary cascading chandelier by Ninchi & Locatelli. The original vase Driade Hanahana by Kazumo Sejima brings colours and liveliness into the tastefully arranged interiors, whereas the alluring Driade Waterfall coffee table by Fredrikson Stallard looks like an art object in the room. The mobile-like Driade Fireworks suspension by Xavier Lust looks like another collectible. The carpets by Linde Burkhardt provide the last colourful touch in the setting.

The company Driade was founded in 1986 in Piacenza by Antonia Astori, her brother Enrico and his wife Adelaide Acerbi. The first milestones achieved by the company are the living concept Oikos by Antonia Astori as well as the following furniture system Kaos and the Driade Pantos by the same designer.  With the design label Driade Kosmo that specialises in living accessories and the very successfull Driade Store label that came into life in 1995, the Italian design house goes new paths and demonstrates its capacity of innovation as well as a strong enterprising spirit. Especially the chairs series Driade Store Lord Yo and Driade Store Toy by Philippe Starck are now new generation classics of design.

The design lights and pieces of furniture by Driade Store advocate for a simple and nonchalant lifestyle that blurs the limits between inside and outside. Nearly all the most popular designs of the brand are signed by Philippe Starck. The chairs Driade Store Lord Yo and Driade Store are now famous classics of design. These pastel or bright coloured chairs can be seen in gardens, restaurants or private homes. These light chairs from synthetic material are light and easy to clean. Besides most of them are stackable and affordable.

The success story of Driade Store started in the seventies with designs whose bright colours and funny shapes expressed a playfull spirit. This spirit was largely influenced by designers like Enzo Mari, Silvio Coppola and Antonia Astori. The designs that followed during the eighties displayed magnificence and contrasted colours and wore the signature of Achille Castiglioni, Paolo Deganello, Alessandro Mendini and Adelaide Acerbi. Following the spirit of the times, the nineties introduced pluralism in the design and Driade Store increased its collaboration with designers of international fame like Borek Sipek, Philippe Starck and Ron Arad. Since the beginning of the new millenium the worldwide famous Italian company presents a portfolio with  an interesting and successful mix of classical and contemporary designs.