Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lamps – Illumination & design for the entire room

Modern, beautiful ceiling lights (also called ceiling lamps), spot lights for ceiling and ceiling light fixtures by famous manufacturers and designers are the classic light fixtures to create indirect light in the room. No other light has such a central position in the room like the ceiling light (ceiling lamp) and is unobtrusive, whatever its size big or small. This explains why it is the first choice for a pleasant general illumination and why it generates an ideal basic brightness in numerous households. Design ceiling lights with a simple round shape and a shade from opaline glass located at a small distance from the ceiling are most popular. Ceiling lights with LED offer a stylish design, a high efficiency and a great comfort because they are maintenance-free and the bulbs do not have to be replaced.

The ceiling light is the allrounder among the light fixtures

There are ceiling lights for every design taste: modern and round, simple and rectilinear or original and elegant. Whether the ceiling lamp is small or big, whether its shade is made of textile, glass, synthetic material or metal, whether it is white, red or bronze coloured, whether it features a modern or a classic style - all design lights for the ceiling share the purpose to shine diffusely, indirectly and glare-free with the aim to evenly illuminate the room. Thus, the ceiling lamps provide the basic ambience which is completed or enhanced by additional lights such as beautiful wall lamps. That is why there are ceiling lamps in any room. Depending on the context, they are equipped with LED lamps, halogen lamps or fluorescent lamps. In the living room they guarantee a pleasant general lighting ambience. In the office, they provide, on the contrary, a colder, bright yet indirect lighting. In the bathroom, it creates a beneficial, yet bright basic lighting from the ceiling which is ideally completed by spot lights next to the mirror. The ceiling lamp in the bedroom exudes a soft room light. The illumination of the kitchen is generated by a basic lighting from the ceiling.

There is a suitable light fixture for any given situation

Whether a classic of design or an innovative new light, the ceiling lamps are a must in any room. The lights to be directly affixed to or recessed in the ceiling are available in any shape. Their design varies from simple and extraordinary to extravagant and domineering from the spot light to the chandelier. In order to obtain the suitable general lighting in the corridor for example, there is a very discreet ceiling lamp such as the B.Lux Veroca, whereas if one prefers an extraordinary light in the living room there is also the ceiling lamp Artemide Mercury LED. Used solely or in combination with other lights - design, size, light and material should be chosen according to the room's specific requirements like size and function.

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