Catellani & Smith Lights and Lamps

Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith light fixtures (or lamps) epitomize Italian craftsmanship. They evoke associations of the warmth of the sun, the moon's mystic and the energy of light. The founder and designer Enzo Catellani is neither an architect, nor a lighting designer, he designs light fixtures out of passion. When he founded the company Catellani & Smith in 1989 in Bergamo, the hand-manufacturing of the light fixtures was paramount. He creates light installations for churches, museums and fairs - each time, it proves a resounding success and creates such a big demand that it results in serial manufacturing of commercial design lights. Design lights like Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer, Post Krisi and Minimalismo are now topsellers of the Italian light manufacturer since a long time. This is also the case for Luna Piena or Macchina della Luce, which are internationally considered as first rate lights and covered with gold or gold foil. How successful Catellani & Smith may be, the company is always true to its creed: Every Catellani & Smith light is entirely made by hand in limited editions. No light fixture is exactly like the other, each light - whether ornated with gold or made of wire - is a unique piece.

Craftsmanship is the highest value in the house Catellani & Smith. The Italian light manufacturer keeps up with the times and even catches their spirit with its Catellani & Smith suspension lamps, wall and ceiling lamps as well as table lamps and floor lamps. In 1995, Catellani & Smith launches its biggest first collection Luce D'Oro - light of gold. The light of the lamps is directed toward the gold coated discs and then sent back into the room, with the result that the light is reminiscent of fire or sun light. The ceiling lamp in gold Macchina della Luce is another classic light in gold. The Stchu-Moon lights followed two years later. They have hand-crafted irregular surfaces in silver, copper or gold, which are brightened by a lamp in a fascinating way. In 2002, Enzo Catellani presents the Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer, it is not anymore a light covered with foil gold but an innovative woven light from wire. Because of the uniqueness of each Fil de Fer light, it quickly turned into one of the most popular designs by Catellani & Smith. In 2004, Catellani & Smith moves one step forward with the collection Postkrisi. For the first time, colours are involved in the design of lights by Catellani & Smith. The interaction between light and shape creates an interplay between transparency and shadow. The Postkirsi lights both irritate and inspire the viewer. In 2008, Catellani & Smith is one of the very first light manufacturers to use LED technology with the Eco-Logic Light. However, not only the energy efficiency is important, but the quality and the colour of the LED light that provides a relaxing atmosphere. Catellani uses the LED to build minimalistic LED lights, illuminates with LED lamps but also with the popular gold or silver-coated discs. For Eco-Logic series like Catellani Smith Moon, PK LED or also Sorry Giotto, Catellani & Smith translates popular patterns into a new light generation.

Il tempo che serve: The needed time - Enzo Catellani has the particular philosophy that is distinctive of the Italian light manufacturer Catellani & smith: craftsmanship needs time. Time is need to reach perfection. The light fixtures by Enzo Catellani are not comparable to other lights and not even among each other. Unique lights or design objects with an own soul, filled with a particular creativity and made by hand - that defines Catellani & Smith. How creative and inventive Enzo Catellani is, is proved by his very first catalog, in which he makes the Italian smith Carlo Catellani and the British architect Logan smith responsible for the foundation of the company. In fact Carlo is the first name of Enzo's father and Logan is the name of his horse. This subtle story testifies for the humour of the designer and also for his inclination not to take himself too seriously. His creations must speak for him. Take a look at them!

Photos: Nava-Rapacchietta