Catellani & Smith PostKrisi 40 Table Lamp

Catellani & SmithPostKrisi T 40 table lamp is an elegant further developement of the Post Krisi lamp. Nickel-plated structure and hemispherical diffuser from fibre glass.
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Product details

PostKrisi T 40 table lamp by Catellani & Smith stands out with a reduced yet elegant design. Enzo Catellani reduced the LED light source to the bare minimum and thus created new ways of use. The lamp is very ecological and environmentally friendly, as it reduces CO² emissions by one fifth and energy consumption by four fifth. It incurs no expense for maintenance and its service life is virtually infinite. Yet the most stunning discovery is the PostKrisi T 40 table lamp's light quality: a relaxing and contemplative Zen light that creates the perfect backdrop for meditation. Behind the light source is a fibre glass lamp shade with fringed edges, reflecting the light and endowing it with a tint.


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