Catellani & Smith Lederam W 25 wall light

The wall lamp Lederam W 25 by Catellani & Smith exudes a particular mystical atmosphere. The front disc from aluminium is adjustable and enables various lighting scenes from full moon to eclipse.
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Catellani & Smith

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Catellani & Smith Lederam W 25 - the fascinating movement of the planets.
The beautiful wall lamp Lederam W 25 is the largest among the Catellani & Smith Lederam wall lamps characterised by an adjustable disc in the front. This design by Enzo Catellani is both refined and impressive and enables to vary the lighting effects. Like the Earth, the sun and the moon that can move to each other, it is possible to adjust the frontal disc with a nickel-plated flexible joint before the metallic disc in the back. This front disc can be moved to the front and around to create the wished lighting atmosphere. This emotional design is associated with the most modern LED technology. The LED module in the Catellani & Smith Lederam W 25 is especially efficient and has a long life span. The wall lamp Lederam is dimmable with the aid of an external dimmer.

The wall lamp Catellani & Smith Lederam W 25 with 25 cm of diameter is available in various versions. Each colour combination is a hand made work of art with a particular aesthetics.


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