Bocci Lights & Lamps


Omer Arbel is a young and promising, award-winning architect and designer. He is the creative director of the Canadian Lighting manufacturer Bocci. Ever since the begining of their collaboration in 2005, Vancouver-based Bocci and Arbel conquered the rest of the world creating lighting fixtures beyond the known and usual.

The Bocci lamps and chandeliers stand out with their luxurious allure based on the richness of natural materials and shapes - all hand made by artisan craftsmen. Contemporary lighting fixtures that appeal to all our senses and create magical lighting sceneries, like the Bocci 28 series with mouth blown glass- spheres that float from the ceiling like soap bubbles, the Bocci 14 series with solid glass spheres or the Bocci  21 series focussed on fine and delicate porcelain as crisp as a biscuit. Interestingly, all Bocci lighting series bear a number instead of a name following the tradition of Omer Arbel who numbers all his projects, no matter if it is the design of a shelf or the architecture of a building.

However, the most special feature of Bocci lamps is the underlying design principle. At the beginning, there is a single pendant which can be used on its own to accentuate spaces or hung in groups in altering heights in order to create expansive light installations. The same basic element comes also pre-clustered by Bocci and is available as bold  chandelier or lustre, bare of pomp and crystal yet unreached in its sensuality.