Baltensweiler Lights & Lamps


Baltensweiler's headquarters are located in a picturesque area near Lucerne in Switzerland. Threre Baltensweiler's lights are designed, produced and then sold worldwide. The Swiss light experts can also develop light concepts, adapt the light performance to given places and uses or make customized lamps for clients who place special orders. Baltensweiler's light are edited in series of 50 to 200 and sold worldwide in exclusive shops. Design, choice of the materials and construction aim at durability. A low-cost repair service for older lamps of the brand makes possible to have them repaired and use them longer. The first Baltensweiler lamp was created 1951 by Rosmarie and Rico Baltensweiler and is known as Type 600. The first intention of the engineer and the interior designer was to create a lamp for their own needs but it was so appealing to their friends that soon many ordered some. 1952 after it was presented in an architecture magazine, it gained international recognition through Knoll International, the famous furnishing company with stores in Stuttgart, Paris, Milan and New-York. 1956 the French architect Le Corbusier equipped his show-appartements with the Type 600 lamp by the Swiss couple. Since then, they have produced many other successful high-quality luminaires. The little workshop in which they used to live at the beginning turned into a chalet that was later enlarged into a roomy house. Since the 1990s the lamps are designed and manufactured in an impressive glass building.