Artemide Mesmeri LED Wall Light

Mesmeri Parete LED by Artemide is a wall lamp from cast aluminium which convinces with curves and a glare-free, strong light. Dimmable with a cable composed of four wires.
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Product details

Mesmeri LED by Artemide - Dynamism and efficiency: The LED wall lamp Mesmeri is the technological development of the original design by Eric Solé. In 2005, he developed the light Mesmeri Halo for Artemide. Mesmeri LED reproduces the elegant and modern curves and completes them with the last LED technology. Because of its high level of lumen, and therefore of its strong light, Mesmeri LED is more than a decorative wall lamp. It is a light that ensures a pleasant and glare-free general light. It is a true alternative to the centrally located lights such as suspensions and ceiling lamps. What is more, the LED light can be varied if necessary (switchDIM). Please, note that for this purpose a cable with four wires is necessary. Please check your cables!

The wall lamp Artemide Mesmeri Parete LED is made of cast aluminium and can be lacquered or chrome-plated. The oval reflector directs the warm white light mainly upwards, with as a result, a clear and pleasant light and a small decorative light crown.


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