Artemide Demetra Professional Lettura floor lamp

Demetra Professional by Artemide is a floor lamp especially developed for a use in workplaces: a reduced design, a great flexibility and an innovative light quality.
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Demetra Professional Lettura by Artemide - High performance in the workplace: At first sight, the LED floor light Demetra Professional by Naoto Fukasawa is similar to the classical table lamp Demetra. It brings the same advantages such as: an individually directed lighting, a complete flexibility and a minimalist design. Yet, there is an even more professional lighting tool inside its head that has been developed for those who want to accomplish high performances at their desk whether at home or in the office.

The floor lamp Artemide Demetra Professional Lettura evenly illuminates the workplace. The bright, warm white LED light makes work easy on the eyes and, if need, is continuously adjustable by means of the sensorial dimmer located on its head. The filigree structure from aluminium works according to the same principle of roll pull system as the Tolomeo light; as a result the light fixture can be flexibly directed and remains stable in any position. Not only the arms are movable, but the head also can turn and tilt. Therefore, the strong LED light of the Demetra Professional comes exactly where it is needed. Inside the light head, there is a carefully engineered cutting-edge technology enabling the use of high-performance LEDs. Needless to say that Demetra Professional offers high efficiency and an outstanding colour-rendering.

Whoever is looking not only for a modern reading lamp but also an authentic lighting tool with function and flexibility finds a durable solution in the floor lamp Demetra Professional Lettura by Artemide.


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