Demetra Micro Table Lamp

Naoto Fukasawa

Demetra Micro Tavolo by Artemide is a very reduced LED table lamp that offers a great
freedom and flexibility in a small room, just like the large Demetra does. With LED, from aluminium.

Product details

Demetra Micro Tavolo by Artemide - small, unobtrusive, revolutionary: The table lamp Demetra Micro is the small version of the famous design Demetra Micro by Naoto Fukasawa. This design is characterised by a very reduced aesthetic design where the function is maximized. Thanks to a slender structure and a flat head, it convinces the aficionados of minimalist shapes and adapts anywhere where a flexible and high-quality light is wished. The reading light Artemide Demetra Micro LED creates a great effect especially in small rooms.

The sophisticated design of the Demetra Micro is based on its intuitive movability. The roll pool system that has proven its reliability with the Tolomeo does not only enable to conveniently direct the structure but also firmly keeps any position. The light head turns and tilts in order to precisely direct the light. Needless to say that the light fixture Demetra Micro LED offers a convenient way to dim the light, in addition to the individually directed lighting. A sensorial dimmer is located on the head of the light and enables to continuously adjust the brightness of the light.

As it is the case for every design by Naoto Fukasawa, the main focus was laid on the usefulness of the table lamp Demetra Micro LED Tavolo in a large range of everyday life situations. As a result, it can be used nearly everywhere. It convinces because of its simple-kept design with representative character. When put on the bedside table, Demetra Micro reliably lights your books in the darkness; laid on a small desk it provides a space saving and high-quality task light; placed on a side table in the living room it is always available to comfortably read in an armchair. Demetra Micro Tavolo is at the same time a mnimalist lighting tool that meets the needs of the users and a plain design light with the potential to become a future classic of design.

Technical specifications

Designer Naoto Fukasawa
Dimensions Height max. 515 mm, depth max. 455 mm,
base diameter 120 mm.
Bulbs 6 Watt LED, 2.700 Kelvin, 241 Lumen - 3.000 Kelvin, 257 Lumen.
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