Anthologie Quartett Lights & Lamps

Anthologie Quartett

In 1983 the Quartett galery from Hanover, Germany,  first introduced a collection of contemporary design objects by Ettore Sottsass, Matteo Thun and others and lay the ground for Anthologie Quartett, a company  founded four years later. Anthologie Quartett offers a collection of contemporary lamps, furniture, textiles and objects created by designers and architects with very different, sometimes even contrary design philosophies, as well as a small range of  particularly  historically relevant re-editions.

The company attaches great importance to having the designs created and produced in European regions  that typically use the materials, such as Murano, Bohemia or Limoges. Since the 1990s the focus is also laid on designer lights and within a few years the anthologie Quartett collection grew from only a few pieces to a remarkable range of lamps and lighting fixtures. The best-known model and one of Europe's most frequently copied designer lights is anthologie Quartett Cellula, first introduced in 1997, which consists of an aluminium rod with differently sized and shaped crystal prisms. anthologie Quartett Cellula set the renaissance of crystal chandeliers whose opulence seemed to sharply contrast the minimalistic interiors of the late 1990s.

Anthologie Quartett Cellula was followed in 2003 and 2004 by the series anthologie Quartett Jahreszeiten with hand ground crystal glass, and anthologie Quartett Rain with perfectly machine ground Swarovski crystals. Their great popularity is a prove that high quality materials and extraordinary design are timeless and fit into contemporary as well as traditional interiors. In contrast to the crystal luminaires, anthologie Quartett also offers humoristic lighting objects such as Bernhard Stellmacher's Coffee- light consisting of a wall rack with an illuminated coffee cup in Limoges porcelain.

Anthologie Quartett also refers to future-proof LEDs with Nina Jeroch's lighting system Alumega.The penetrated printed circuit board, which usually remains invisible, becomes illuminant and decorative element at the same time and is reminiscent of an elegant Chinese wall panel. Last but not least, it must be mentiooned that all Anthologie Quartett light fixtures are quipped with switches and plugs designed by grand master Achille Castiglioni himself. Good design considers each and every detail.