Lieferland und Steuersatz
All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs.

Delivery and shipment

In the case of a payment in advance, the delivery period starts one day after the payment order is given to the bank in charge of the transfer, and for the other payment types, it commences the day after the conclusion of the contract. If the last day of the delivery period is a saturday, a sunday or a nationally recognised holiday in the country of the delivery, the next work day is considered the last day of the delivery period.

Provided that we did not make a special agreement with you, if there are more than one items with different delivery periods in the same order, we will send all the items in a single shipment. In this case, the delivery period of the order is the same as the delivery period of the item with the longest delivery period.

Delivery to Non-EU countries

Of course, NOSTRAFORMA delivers all products also to Non-EU countries. For export from Germany to Non-EU countries no VAT is applied. The amount of taxes, customs and possible importation fees levied is determined by the legislation having force in your country. To see the prices without taxes, all you need to do is to register at our online shop.

Convenient delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

When delivering to Switzerland or Liechtenstein we take care of the whole execution of your order and prepare all the necessary customs clearance documents.

Please note: you will be charged the importation fees as well as the local VAT.

  • Please, sign in to see the prices without taxes.
  • Place your order online and you will receive an invoice with the net prices excluding German VAT (currently 19%).
  • If your order value is over 250.00€ delivery is free of charge (forwarding goods excepted).
  • Delivery times is 3 or 4 days.
  • The parcel service or forwarding agent will transact the customs clearance and invoice all the resulting costs directly to you independently from NOSTRAFORMA:
    • Using the parcel service: if possible the goods will always be sent as parcels. You will be charged fees for the custom clearance - depending on provider and costs of goods - (UPS: currently CHF 20.00) as well as the current VAT in the country of destination (currently 7,7% VAT).
    • Using a forwarding agent: the goods that cannot be sent by parcel service demand a forwarder. In this case, you have to pay importation fees (among others an importation custom clearance, importation taxes, forms, fees and a charge for advanced payment of taxes by the forwarder) that amount around CHF110,00/130.00 (we do not guarantee the exactness of these sums). Besides, you will have to pay the VAT in accordance with the legislation as valid in your land.

Therewith the purchase is completed successfully. You don't have to worry about anything else. If you have further question, please contact us. We will be glad to help you!