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Serien Lighting creates designer lights that convince with functionality and modern aesthetics and have enjoyed international success for over 30 years.

Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf founded the company in Rodgau near Frankfurt am Main in 1985. The first models date from the two designers' study days and impress with their elegant aesthetics and the best lighting effect - trend-setting for the company that is internationally successful today and, in addition to the works by Wolf and da Costa, also offers lights by other well-known designers from Germany and around the world, including the Israeli designer Yaakov Kaufman and the design duo Hopf & Wortmann.

The timeless and functional style of the lights makes them almost universally applicable. They fit harmoniously into the overall picture, especially in modern facilities, but are also suitable for classic interiors, where they set stylish accents. The aesthetic design is implemented with high-quality materials and careful processing. This creates luminaires that enrich life over a long period of time. Borosilicate glass, aluminum and stainless steel are typical materials that Serien Lighting uses for its perfectly shaped works.

In 2016, received the German Brand Award Gold. Numerous lighting designs by the manufacturer were also honored with well-known design prizes.

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