Serien Lighting Poppy

The poppy-like shades of the fascinating Poppy lights by
Serien Lighting open up in a striking manner when the light is on.

We owe the decorative Poppy lights' design to Ulrich Beckert, Georg Soanca-Pollack and Peter Thammer for the Serien Lighting brand.

The Poppy lights' clever concept is the poppy-like shades composed of bi-metallic petals which open as soon as the light is on. The bi-metal expands when exposed to heat and imitates the natural process of a flower opening out. After two minutes it reveals its full magnificence. While the light is off, the shades return to their initial positions.

When the light passes through the petal-like shades they become transparent; the light shines diffusely and directly through the blown glass shades. The Poppy lights' arms are made of flexible metal covered with textile, and can be bent at will to modify the light's direction.

Poppy by Serien Lighting is available in numerous versions, as the decorative Poppy table lamp, as a wall or ceiling lamp, a floor lamp or the impressive Poppy chandelier with up to 30 glass diffusers, which provides an extravagant touch in large rooms.

The glass shades are available in red, dark purple or ceramics; there are textile coverings in different colours. The structure is made of deep drawn steel.