Serien Lighting One Eighty

Yaacov Kaufman

The One Eighty lights by Serien Lighting have a modern,
bell-shaped shade made of aluminium for direct, downward light.

Yaacov Kaufman designed the One Eighty collection for Serien Lighting. The shade has a modern shape and stands out. The refined light solution adapts to various settings.

The collection is composed of height-adjustable and non-height-adjustable One Eigthy suspensions and adjustable One Eighty wall and ceiling lamps, each in two sizes. Its special feature is the bell-shaped shade of brushed or lacquered aluminium with decorative rings of nickel-plated steel at the upper and lower edges.

The One Eighty suspension's direct, downwards directed light is suitable, whether it is used singly or to form rows over dining tables or kitchen counters. It is also available as a height-adjustable suspension, equipped with a ceiling rose shaped like the shade. The One Eighty wall and ceiling lamp is rotatable and tiltable, and serves as a reading light or highlights particular surfaces.


Yaacov Kaufman
Yaacov Kaufman

The industrial designer holds patents for mobile arm structures and has worked in collaboration with numerous furniture and lighting labels.