Octo Collection

Seppo Koho

Secto Design and Seppo Koho work together since the company's foundation in 1995. One of his first light designs for Secto was the light fixture Octo, the perfect example of cosy Scandinavian design inspired by nature.

The lights Octo combine all the elements of the Scandinavian style. It has clear, emotional shapes, wood is the natural material used and it is made by hand. The bent wood slats composing the bellied light are made of certified birch wood from the Finnish forests. The light fixtures are entirely made in Finland.

Because of its smart construction, Secto Octo's lamp shade provides a large amount of light. The light is also glare-free because the bulb is concealed in the upper part of the light fixture. Thanks to a seemingly light construction and despite its large size, the suspension contributes to a warm and wellcoming atmosphere, paired with a nordic spirit, even in small rooms. This designer classic is timeless and contemporary at the same time. Octo is available in a range of versions: with natural wood surface, lacquered in white, in black and in walnut veneer. The suspension is suitable as a central lighting body or in rows above long dining tables or corridors.